Pryde Club Mauritius

Pryde Club Mauritius


Royal Road
La Gaulette
3 years ago

Does the wave machine ever turn off in Mauritius?! Dmitry Evseev is taking advantage of the quiet kite spot during this off season session!

3 years ago

Light wind shouldn't keep you off the water! Learn how Dmitry Evseev finds the right balance to keep flying in a gentle breeze at Pryde…

3 years ago

Here's a little tropical dreaming to get your weekend going... Dmitry Evseev takes the Cabrinha Drifter out for a session on the crystal clear waters…

6 years ago

Mauritius really is a stunning place to kitesurf! Check out Dmitry Evseev's latest edit. Video by Dmitry Evseev special for supported by Pryde Club Mauritius,…

6 years ago

Check out these sick follow cam shots from Dmitry Evseev in Mauritius. He never fails to provide a pumping wave kite edit! 100% GoPro HERO6…

6 years ago

Super SLOOWWW motion with the GoPro Hero 6! Check out this rad footage from Dmitry Evseev in Mauritius. 100% GoPro video by Dmitry Evseev special…

6 years ago

This video is truly exceptional! Kitesurfing incredibly close to a Whale. What an awesome experience that must've been. Topping it off with waves at One…

6 years ago

Another awesome follow cam edit from Dmitry Evseev in Mauritius. This time filming Ninja Bichler and she is ripping! 100% GoPro video by Dmitry Evseev special…

6 years ago

1 minute of action packed One Eye wave footage to feast your eyes upon! Dmitry Evseev has made yet another awesome POV edit. 100% GoPro…

7 years ago

BOOM! Barrelling waves in Mauritius! These follow cam shot are epic. 100% GoPro video by Dmitry Evseev special for supported by Pryde Club Mauritius, ЗЫБЬ,…

7 years ago

Dmitry Evseev takes an absolute battering by waves in Mauritius! That's gotta hurt. Luckily he had his phone to call for help once he'd reached…

7 years ago

You guessed it! More awesome wave footage from Dmitry Evseev in Mauritius! The wind & waves there are so consistent. 100% GoPro video by Dmitry Evseev special…


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