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JT Pro Center - Union island is in Clifton, Grenadines, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines.
JT Pro Center - Union island is in Clifton, Grenadines, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines.
2 months ago

Amazing @duotone.kiteboarding #cleanupday with the JT Pro Center crew today !! @ Clifton, Grenadines, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

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2 months ago

Paula Novotná enjoying the clear water of our main kite spot during our last Duotone Kiteboarding International Photoshoot for the new Juice kite !


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3 months ago

Kite instructor position available at the JT Pro Center from April 15th to August 15th. (Dates can be flexible)

We are hiring one to two kitesurfing instructor for our summer season. Couples are welcome to apply as well.

More info to apply here: http://www.kitesurfgrenadines.com/jobs

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4 months ago

After visiting our website make sure to email Niah for all your accommodation requests on Union Island !

She will make sure to find you the best options !

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4 months ago

Stance Kiteboarding killing it with their latest story featuring some of the top kite girls visiting some of our spots

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4 months ago

@jeremietronet playing with fire 🔥 during last night JT Pro Center Full Moon Beach Party together with one of our instructor @buttersmothe24 ! Next full Moon Party March 20th
🎥 @jordinoya25

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4 months ago

At the JT Pro Center a couple months ago, Only AIRton Cozzolino can master this on his Duotone Kiteboarding International Neo kites and boards.

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5 months ago

Another super nice day with our happy guests sharing their session with @paulanovotna on our top spot today !! Thanks for the photobomb Pascal ! @laralen78 shot by @tecapraia

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5 months ago

We are only 10min away from some of the most spectacular islands Of the Caribbean, so come and stay with us this windy season from November to July 🌴! Shot yesterday during the Fanatic SUP International photoshoot with @vincyzoe and @thesaltygirl

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5 months ago

If you are around some of our spots this week keep an eye out for some of the best kite girls out there visiting the best kite spots surrounding the Jt Pro Center !

#1 Kitesurfing School in St.Vincent & the Grenadines !! Find here all the info to get your Kiteboarding Holiday started in the Grenadines and Union island.
The JT Pro Center, founded and run by Pro Kitesurfer Jeremie Tronet, is located on Union Island in the Grenadines, some of the most beautiful islands in the World.

We are the very first kiteschool to open in St.Vincent & the Grenadines and are now going into our 4th season ! Each year we look forward to meeting new people and teaching them how to become independent and responsible kitesurfers in a fun, safe way !

Renowned for our JT Pro Center Full Moon Party & our Night Kitesurfing Show, it's a must if you are visiting the Grenadines, happening once a month during the high season from Dec - May. Lots of good music, drinks & food, dancers, lights, kitesurfing and fire jumping !!

We offer beginner kitesurfing courses, advanced lessons and private pro clinics where the riders get the chance to experience photo and video shoots as well as advanced lessons.

Come have a nice ice cold drink at our new Beach Bar and enjoy watching the kiters while relaxing on our beach-front deck to cool lounge music !

Anyone interested in learning kiteboarding can join one of our three day courses happening on Union island or simply take a one off lesson to get the kiteboarding sensation !

Our fully qualified instructors can follow you around on your sail boat or private yacht and teach you where you feel like it and where the conditions allow it.

Come and dance to the sound of the wind, with the JT Pro Center Team.

Learn Kitesurfing the real way, the JT way !!!
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This cracked us up! Even Jeremie Tronet is getting involved in the Halloween spirit - Show us what YOU did!  

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The only constant thing in life is change. The time, the conditions, everything is in motion. Only the destination stays the same; like our ambition…

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The kite switch from a catamaran! This is a very clever idea that in the right conditions is safe to do. Pure style from Jeremie…

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Jeremie Tronet was a bit of a media mogul a couple of years ago, barely a week passed without a new photoshoot or movie coming…


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