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CTRA. NAC. 340 KM 78

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand-Up Paddling in Tarifa! We operate two centers in Tarifa located on the best spots Tarifa has to offer. Tarifa is the Wind & Kitesurfers Mecca in Europe. There is a good reason why the who´s who of the Surfing Community get together here; wind all year long, waves, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUP. There are two main wind directions in blowing through the Strait of Gibraltar, Poniente and Levante. Poniente in Tarifa is a side onshore wind, which mainly doesn´t get too strong. An average Poniente day has 15-20 knots of very constant wind. Levante on the other hand often gets very strong. The Levante blows side offshore and often reaches 35-40 knots in strength. The shape of the bay our Center is located in, protects beginners from drifting away and ensures safe surfing even in high wind conditions. We´re open every day from beginning of March until End of November. The Center is equiped every year with the latest Windsurfing Equipment from Fanatic and North Sails and the complete Kiterange of North Kiteboarding. Sports Club ££

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