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Welcome to AlvorKiteCenter AlvorKiteCenter is located in this Kitesurf paradise that is the fishing village of Alvor in the Algarve, South of Portugal. With beautiful views over the harbour and river at sunset, Alvor is the ultimate European Kitesurf get-a-way you have been looking for. Location Alvor has everything anyone could ask for from a large flat water lagoon to a gently curving sandy beach. The lagoon is where most of the kitesurfing takes place and is part of the Alvor River (Ria de Alvor). At different states of the tide, sand bars and even a little ‘desert island’ create super flat water, perfect for learning waterstarts or nailing that handle pass you’ve been working on! With enough space to accommodate everyone who wants to ride, there are no crossed lines or near misses. Just next to the lagoon is the popular Alvor beach which every now and again receives nice fun little swells; so it’s time to grab your surfboard with or without kite and carve away. The prevailing cross offshore wind holds the face of the wave nicely and allows you to ride it with ease. Conditions High season spans June, July and August, with good but less consistent wind either side of these months. As the wind starts to pick up at around 1pm, you might start with a 10m but switch to a smaller kite by around 5pm when 7m kites are the most common (typical wind 18-25+kts). There is sand everywhere in the kiting area of the lagoon so you can get rid of your wetsuit booties! Water temperature in the lagoon in high season is usually warm but for those wanting to kite all day, a shortie or summer suit is perfect. Accommodation The Alvor Kite Center offers you the full kitesurf package, providing everything you need for the ultimate experience! Once you land in the nearby airport of Faro, we can pick you up in our pimped out minivan or larger if there’s a big group of you. We will then transfer you (45 minutes) to your appartments. Kiteschool Watersports center HOSTEL/GUESTHOUSE Sports promoter

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