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3 days ago

My first time ever in Gijon was a blast I didn’t get as much wind as I wanted but I did land a few sessions⁣⁣⁣⁣
Loved the food the landmarks and the cider specially the way is served! ⁣⁣
I will come back for sure.⁣⁣⁣⁣
Thanks to my good bro @diegoanta for having me and taking the word host to the next level! ⁣⁣
Now we are off to Tarifa for some good and intense training before the next @gkafreestyle event!

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5 days ago

Stoked for this interview in the latest issue of @kiteboarding.eu⁣

@bettimenzel Thank you so much for the fantastic questions and the opportunity to reach the German fans!

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6 days ago

More than a lifetime kiting together 🌴🇩🇴🌴 ⁣⁣
Go to my stories or Spain 2019 highlights to see how much fun we had in the airport 😎😎⁣⁣⁣
📸 By @romantsovaphoto

Posito Martínez posted a video
1 week ago

Competition is over here in Gran Canaria.⁣

It was my first time here and I Hope is not the last one. ⁣

I have a great time meeting new friends and discovering the island the people here is so warm and welcoming that remains me being home surely I will be back ⁣

This was one of my best tricks in the event a 317 in round three hope you all like it ⁣

@crazyflykiteboarding @prolimithq @gkafreestyle ⁣

🎥 by @mintukass

Posito Martínez posted a photo
1 week ago

Another competition another 9th place finish.⁣

Although I keep climbing in the rankings I was thinking of a better outcome in this event.⁣

Conditions were really challenging with almost no wind which doesn’t favor my riding style.⁣

I did land most of my tricks however I didn’t find enough wind to push my high scoring tricks and balance the scale on my favor.

Congratulations to all the guys in the semi finals and specially my bro @luiscruzkite who after missing the first event made it to the semi finals in this one.

You can count with all my support for your next heats! ⁣

📸 by @romantsovaphoto

Posito Martínez posted a photo
1 week ago

Waiting for the wind and sharing strategies today three of us are in the same heat ⁣

Can you guess which three ?? Let me know I the comments to get a shoutout in my stories. ⁣

📸 By @romantsovaphoto ⁣

#AvisCanarias #vwcanarias⁣
#gloriapalacesanagustin #7up

Posito Martínez posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Today was the first day of competition here in Vargas, Gran Canaria. ⁣

The wind was not strong enough for the mixed format so we compete in a pure freestyle format.⁣

Although conditions were difficult I manage to land all⁣
My tricks and win my first heat, advancing straight to round 3 ⁣

The forecast for the following days is trending to the lighter side so it looks like it will be a pure freestyle competition. ⁣

When the action restart tomorrow⁣
I will be in the first heat of the day and is not an easy one.⁣

Thanks to everyone cheering for me and sending me your support and good luck it really gets my motivation very high. ⁣

Much love⁣

@crazyflykiteboarding @prolimithq ⁣

📸 by @romantsovaphoto

Posito Martínez posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Registration is done, now waiting for the wind to show up

Posito Martínez posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Stoked with my first ever sessions in Gran Canarias.⁣

Vargas feels a bit tricky to ride but I am up for the challenge.⁣

We are going for the registration now and the event starts tomorrow so which me good luck and strong winds please 🤙🏽⁣

📸 by @fotistica

Posito Martínez posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Touchdown Gran Canaria ready for the second stop of the GKA Kite World Tour. ⁣

The event will take place in The spot of playa de Vargas if you are in town come and watch the best riders if you are not take a plane, bus or a dragon and come over to watch the best kiteboarding action! ⁣

International team rider at https://www.crazyflykites.com
I am Posito Martinez, a Dominican Republic professional kiteboarder I travel around the world to compete, world champion the International kiteboarding world championships freestyle and big air 2016.
Personal interests
kiteboarding, water-sports, surfing

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