Jack Rieder

Jack Rieder

Pro Rider | 518

1 week ago

Want to get stoked for the day? Watch this! Airush just dropped PART ONE of their new Anthology Freestyle series. Ft. sections from Alex Pastor,…

4 weeks ago

Jack Rieder has only been kiteboarding for five years and has already claimed 2021 AWSI Male Kiteboarder - keep an eye out for this guy!

3 months ago

From twintip freestyle with Jack to strapless freestyle with Kiko, the AK's Method Harness features all the crucial elements of a classic hardback, but with…

4 months ago

Straight from Squamish, Airush's Jack Rieder shows off his homespot - what a backdrop!

5 months ago

Jack Rieder takes us on a cruise with his foil around English Bay, BC!

5 months ago

When it comes to finding the ultimate kite for a combination of lightweight performance in a single model for foil, freeride, and surf, there is…

6 months ago

When the wind backs off, why not chase it? Jack Rieder and crew follow the wind line to score an open ocean boat-assisted session on…

7 months ago

Join Jack Rieder for the next 25 seconds...

10 months ago

It was a bleak start to the year for Jack Rieder, who kicked things off with a badly broken leg followed by a long and…

10 months ago

Airush delivers five minutes of glorious action from their riders around the world in their latest video, where we get to see the personality of…

1 year ago

If you watch one movie today, make sure it's this one. Airush shredder, Jack Rieder, heads out to explore Oregon's coast to escape the wildfire…

2 years ago

Jack Rieder is back home and recovering well, eager to get back on the water at his homespot!

Issue 86

Most park riding pros jet from one lagoon paradise to the next in search of the flattest water out there. With limited travel options, Jack Rieder found himself revisiting his old stomping grounds in Mexico, where flat water is in short supply. Read about his Baja adventure now!

6 months ago
Issue 85

The best photos with nowhere else to go!

8 months ago
Issue 84

The kiting community as we know it is changing. This article takes a look back in time at the ‘beginner kiter’ experience, which is all too relevant at many of our beaches today. How do we evolve along with the arrival of this new generation? Check out the article for some insights from Crystal Veness.

10 months ago

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