Jack Rieder

Jack Rieder

Pro Rider

8 months ago

Jack Rieder had one week in Taiba after finishing the KPL Super Final to create a Brazil edit before attending the GKA Freestyle Stop in...

1 year ago

Featuring Jack Rieder, Ramiro Gallart, Lauren Holman, Alexandra Torres, Lucas Muzio, Luca Seer, and  Juan Rodriguez - Watch Airush's latest film Anthology Part 2 ripped...

1 year ago

PART TWO HAS ARRIVED! Chase it. Bring the fire. ft Juan Rodriguez, Jack Rieder, Ramiro Gallart and more... Anthology noun a published collection of poems...

2 years ago

Take a trip down memory lane with Jack Rieder! Although Jack’s only been kiteboarding for about six years, his relationship with the oceans and lakes...

2 years ago

Jack was asked, How would you define freestyle? by Airush Kiteboarding. Does it mean pushing yourself to the limit, being able to express yourself freely,...

2 years ago

The dust has settled, and the 2022 Kite Park League Team Battle is complete, and with it comes a new standard for competitive park riding....

2 years ago

Jack vs Slider - Jack eating it at the park! #WipeoutWednesday

2 years ago

Freestyle has gifted Jack with travel and experiences he only once dreamed of. Airush asked Jack one question - How would you define Freestyle? Does...

2 years ago

Airush Kiteboarding asked Jack one question - How would you define Freestyle? Does it mean pushing your limits, having the freedom to create, or having...

2 years ago

Join Jack Rieder as he unboxed AK Durable Supply Co.'s AK 1000 Plasma Carbon - their high-performance foil for both Wing and Surf Foiling. For...

2 years ago

With the Squamish Spit becoming an island, the new access method is by boat. In this edit, Jack Rieder takes us for a cruise from...

2 years ago

In this edit, Jack Rieder shares what a classic Choco Lake park day looks like. When it blows 20-25 knots, you know it's time to...

Issue 86

Most park riding pros jet from one lagoon paradise to the next in search of the flattest water out there. With limited travel options, Jack Rieder found himself revisiting his old stomping grounds in Mexico, where flat water is in short supply. Read about his Baja adventure now!

3 years ago
Issue 85

The best photos with nowhere else to go!

3 years ago
Issue 84

The kiting community as we know it is changing. This article takes a look back in time at the ‘beginner kiter’ experience, which is all too relevant at many of our beaches today. How do we evolve along with the arrival of this new generation? Check out the article for some insights from Crystal Veness.

4 years ago

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