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1 year ago | 4:8

A tow up VLOG from Kevin Langeree! In the 15 years I have been competing I've never had an event with absolutely no wind. Unfortunatly…

1 year ago | 6:31

Looks like Kevin is getting the hang of it! This is our 2nd day of ice kiting and we are getting a little better but…

1 year ago | 2:40

This edit from the Red Bull King of the Air 2018 is a must see! The Dirty Habits Production crew spent 2 days on the…

1 year ago | 3:52

King Of The Air could be this weekend! Check out Kevin Langeree's final preparations.. You know that feeling when you want to go out really…

1 year ago | 7:20

Welcome to season 2 of KEVVLOG. Last year was very successful with over 1 million views on his video's. This year will be filled with…

2 years ago | 3:40

What a great idea!! It looks like we have found the best way to ride an endless wave. Using a kite to tow us into…

2 years ago | 2:24

This is an absolute MUST SEE! Video just in, Nick Jacobsen has done the unthinkable YET AGAIN. 277 meter two up behind a Volvo Ocean…

2 years ago | 4:46

Kevin Langeree just keeps providing the goods when it comes to his VLOG! Another must watch this one! I got the opportunity to go and…

2 years ago | 2:5

The Boys Are Back in Town.. 1st session of the Summer (Light Wind) with Nick Jacobsen, Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree, Lasse Walker, Joshua Emanuel, and…


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