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3 years ago

More KOTA 2021 highlights - You've got to watch this!

4 years ago

The widowmaker!

6 years ago

Make sure you check out Universe Kite's first edit of the year. The best videos of Kiteboarding from 2018 so far. Thanks to the kitesurfers...

6 years ago

Spare 5 minutes of your day for this epic compilation edit! Everything from waves to foiling to megaloops. A must see. The best videos of...

7 years ago

We all know that kiteboarding is awesome, so why not take a few minutes to enjoy this action packed compilation from Univers Kite? This video...

7 years ago

You all NEED to see this compilation edit! Universe Kite has hit the nail on the head again. The best videos of Kiteboarding from 2017...

7 years ago

Make sure you watch this 8 minute film full of kiteboarding action! You don't want to miss this incredible compilation of stunning shots and outrageous...

7 years ago

Here is an epic 5 minute edit of the best kiteboarding videos of 2017 so far. It's only been a month but a lot has happened!...

8 years ago

Four crazy minutes of pure adrenaline rush kiteboarding! This is another awesome compilation from Univers Kite that this time features tons of exceptional footage from...