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3 years ago

The crew are back showing off some stunning views from Bärenhorn Mountain in Switzerland - Winter isn't even in full swing yet!

4 years ago

Felix, Jonas and Ronny ditch their Swiss homespot and head out for a new adventure and into the wild mountains of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia -...

4 years ago

The crew are back! Chasta, Lolo, Johann, Wareck, Hugues, Felix, Alex, Simone, Jonas and Ronny team up for this one... stay tuned - FULL...

5 years ago

The guys at never fail at getting us stoked for a session; you need to watch this!

5 years ago

The guys at never fail to amuse us with their snowkiting footage! Enjoy!

5 years ago

Once again, leave us in awe! Last week they released a teaser from their adventure to 10 new summits, this week, we got the...

5 years ago

Team never fail to leave us awestruck with their incredible snowkiting footage. Check out their latest edit from their adventure to 10 new summits...

6 years ago

This edit is simply mesmerising. Definitely some of the most beautiful kitesurf spots in the world. Awesome. 4 unique Foilspots in the Alps! This are...

6 years ago

Hiking up for big mountain snow kiting! Here at IKSURFMAG we love edits like this, what an adventure! They also foil on the same day...even...