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4 years ago

YES YES YES! What an incredible shot! Kitesurfer in the foreground, whale getting air in the background. Love it. Short little story on getting this…

4 years ago

If ever there was a description for butter flat water, it would be this! Looks like a fun playground! Summer session in the south on…

5 years ago

To pull loops like this in those wind conditions! Mental. Make sure you watch this. Pretty wild winds to throw some loops with the Peter…

5 years ago

Got a minute to spare? Check out Elvis Nunes styling it in Sal, Cabo Verde. Elvis showing his twintip and strapless skills

5 years ago

Check out this action packed edit from Marc Toth showing what he loves to do! He can often be found strapped in his boots and…

5 years ago

Marc Toth is a student who heads to Tarifa in the holidays. We can't think of a better place to escape to when you're bored…

6 years ago

Jump on board with Paulino Pereira and Billy Hampton as they take the all new Ozone Zephyr v4 for a spin around Western Australia. This kite…

7 years ago

We can't get enough of girls who rip and 19 year old Rita Arnaus is one to look out for. This summer she caught 'Endless'…

7 years ago

Sometimes it blows, sometimes it sucks and if you love the waves as much as Paulino Pereira then you simply have to have both for…