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1 year ago

#throwbackthursday! You absolutely have to see this short documentary from Outside TV. Pro kitesurfer, Mitu Monteiro, surfs one of the most legendary waves in the…

3 years ago

If you've ever wanted to kitesurf Teahupoo in Tahiti, and let's be honest that's on everyones bucket list right? Then this is essential viewing as…

4 years ago

Check out Cabrinha's 2015 highlights! Put together by James Boulding, this high quality production is a must watch if you love you kiting. We look…

4 years ago

Teahupoo in Tahiti always delivers some amazing waves, but it isn’t often that you see a kitesurfer truly make it look good. There are plenty…

4 years ago

You just have to see Keahi De Aboitiz' epic kiting at Teahupoo! The slow motion footage of Keahi riding the monstrous wave is one of the best…

6 years ago

Everyone loves a good wipe out right? Well the freak show that is Teahupoo throws up a bunch of them in this edit, a couple…


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