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2 years ago

You're in luck if you missed the Formula Kite Swiss Championship 2022 because we've got the highlights right here!

4 years ago

Denis Rothen proving that Switzerland should be on your potential kiteboarding destination list!

4 years ago

Enjoy the ride!

6 years ago

Oh yes!! This is such a good snowkite edit! Limitless fresh powder time after time, outstanding. Best of Snowkiteseason 2017/2018. Kiteboarding Brothers in Switzerland Riders:...

6 years ago

DO NOT try this at home! This is some serious gliding at serious altitude! With views like that we can't blame him for boosting so...

6 years ago

The Unhooked snowkite team test out Ozone's Blizzard Ultralight and continue their exploration of the Swiss mountains. This time it was Mount Titlis that got...

7 years ago

Yep, those are kitesurfers on that lake! This edit from Switzerland is simply stunning. Passion is what has been driving GIN KITEBOARDING since the first...

7 years ago

This edit is simply mesmerising. Definitely some of the most beautiful kitesurf spots in the world. Awesome. 4 unique Foilspots in the Alps! This are...

7 years ago

What an experience! Foiling on stunning alpine lakes in Switzerland. There is some beautiful footage in this 1 minute clip. We're looking forward to seeing...