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5 years ago

This edit of Stephan Figueiredo is full of action, shows great angles both in and out of the water and presents an amazing view of Rio de Janeiro! What a place…

6 years ago

Watch as Stephan Figueiredo rips in Rio De Janeiro! It's a shame kitesurfing isn't an Olympic sport yet as Rio is the perfect spot and…

7 years ago

The island of Maui gets blasted by trade winds for most of the year, but this year the regular trades seem to have deserted the…

7 years ago

We all like a crowd when we kite but Stephan Figueiredo is mixing it up on one of the most crowded beaches on earth. He's…

7 years ago

Stephan Figueiredo never stops moving. Now, he's off onto his next adventure - The Indo Mie Series. We start this one off somewhere in Sumbawa,…

8 years ago

We featured the Silent Assassin in the latest issue, Stephan Figueiredo now drops the edit from the very same trip, and just like the Jason…

9 years ago

Do not adjust your set, the television is not broken, but Stephen Figueiredo is getting so lo-mo style editing in this strapless clip. Looks like…

9 years ago

Stephan Figueiredo ripping it strapless in Oahu with the 7m Blade Trigger. Filmed by Jafet Pezzotti Edited by Itay Goldstein