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8 months ago

How much wind do you need to get going? If you have a big enough kite, anything is possible! These guys made it work in…

1 year ago

Stan escaping the crowds and scoring one to remember...

2 years ago

Stan takes a kiteboarding road trip along the Californian coast from San Francisco down to San Diego, check this out!

3 years ago

We still can't get over the old school tricks that Stan Airstyle can pull. Make sure you watch this one! Everyday is a kite day…

4 years ago

Stan Airstyle and friends haven't let a hurricane dampen their spirits, we're glad to see positive clips from the Caribbean. Saint Martin is recovering step…

4 years ago

Join 'Stan Airstyle' in the beautiful Guadeloupe. What looks like a exceptional place for  a kite trip! After the hurricane Irma strikes saint martin, all…

4 years ago

Stan Airstyle is back with more old school moves, this time in the beautiful St Martin. The freestyle starts from 1:09, make sure you take…

5 years ago

Make sure you check out Stanislas Rodriguez's epic old school big air edit! Often called 'hairstyle', it's a bit of lost art that we love to…

5 years ago

Stan is a true airstyle master! We love his effortless tricks as he flies through the air. This is a real spectator element of our…