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1 year ago

The Overbeek brothers headed to South Africa in February to take the Ozone Edge V11 on an adventure they wouldn't forget, including discovering secret kite…

2 years ago

PREMIERING FOR THE FIRST TIME - Jamie Overbeeks' 'South Africa on a Mission' with his brother, Sean, and the Ozone crew to get the footage…

2 years ago

When you have riders like Jamie Overbeek, Adriano Bono, Sean Overbeek, Ruben Lenten, Theo Lhostis, Axel Mazella and Simon Burner introducing a product, you know…

2 years ago

After searching for perfect big air conditions all over The Netherlands, they found it at a spot close to home. Follow the windy adventures of…

2 years ago

Ozone team riders Sean and Jamie Overbeek know a thing or two when it comes to Big Air - see for yourself! Big air has…

2 years ago

Does Sean Overbeek have what it takes to make it to this year's Cold Hawaii Games? Watch this and let us know!

2 years ago

17-year-old, Dutch rider, Sean Overbeek is blessed with a stormy session after weeks without wind!

3 years ago

A literally electrifying session from the Overbeek brothers in the Netherlands. Mother nature delivered them an April curveball with hail and a little too much…

3 years ago

Sean and Jamie Overbeek team up in this one loopiong over a sandbar on short lines, big kiteloop board offs on long lines and airstyle…