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2 years ago

High alpine snowkiting at Jungfraujoch, located at 3740m above sealevel! Snowkiting amongst glaciers makes for stunning footage. However we don't recommend you try it! The…

2 years ago

The ultimate exploration: backcountry snowkiting in the Alps! Looks like a brilliant day out. A very hard day 3 with 26km walk and ski, 1100m…

2 years ago

This gathering of backcountry snowkiters takes place once a year in February. United for one goal: finding new peaks for riding up with the the…

2 years ago

DO NOT try this at home! This is some serious gliding at serious altitude! With views like that we can't blame him for boosting so…

2 years ago

Why are snowkiters using skilifts? Find out in this edit, it also features tons of stunning clips of untouched snow.

3 years ago

Amazing scenery on lake Silvaplana. Where normaly 100-150 kiters share the lake, the hydrofoilers find peace and space on low wind days late in the…