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3 years ago

Mito Monteiro continues to dominate with his strapless skills! Make sure you watch this video where he gets 10 seconds of airtime...strapless! ...and still has a…

4 years ago

Want to know how to get better at strapless tricks? Simply do what Russell Farrington does and practice as often as you can. Russell can…

4 years ago

The South Coast of the UK has been delivering all of this week! Russell Farrington got 6 sessions in and made the absolute most of…

4 years ago

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's superman! ...or Russell Farrington pulling a cool move on his strapless foilboard... Who thinks they…

4 years ago

Kitesurfing with a line mount creates some really fun footage! Watch as Russell Farrington boosts high in the popular spot Southbourne in Dorset.

4 years ago

This could be the perfect trick for your Sunday! Russell Farrington walks us through the grabbed strapless front roll transition. There’s a lot going on…

4 years ago

Have you ever tried to kitesurf a bathtub? The legendary father & son team that is Russell & Adam won the 'kite something unusual' competition…

4 years ago

Strapless kitesurfing often takes a few attempts before you land that trick! In fact, it takes thousands... Watch Russell Farrington as he tries time & time again,…

4 years ago

How long did it take you to learn to foil? Using the Slingshot Hover Glide (with the extra short mast), two youngsters from Poole get…