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2 years ago | 02:43

This kitesurfer actually makes this move without falling off! Some super impressive strapless foiling manoeuvres from Dorothee Stanek in this edit. Check it out! Chouchou team is…

4 years ago | 2:51

You have to see this 'sky-high monster rail' that Karolina Winkowska rides! This stylish edit takes you to Sardinia where Karolina was training for the…

5 years ago | 01:31

Paula Rosales might just be the luckiest girl in the world. Professional kiteboarder, Roxy model and she's been given the keys to the island so…

5 years ago | 00:53

She's not just brilliant with a kite, Karolina takes a trip to the Warsaw Wake Academy to show us that she's also able on the…

5 years ago | 00:55

Manuela Jungo is seriously ripping on the PKRA World Tour this year. Alongside her impressive results she's launching a series of tips and tricks videos,…

5 years ago | 03:11

Paula Rosales becomes a real life mermaid whilst enjoying 5* luxury and crystal clear waters with a friend in the Philippines. Oh, and they go…

6 years ago | 02:01

A short video showing what Karolina Winkowska has been up to whilst training in Australia for the upcoming World Tour season. Freestyle, rails, sun and…

6 years ago | 02:31

Karolina Winkoska looks back at the year that was 2013, sadly she lost the World Title, but it still looks like she had a blast!…

6 years ago | 04:10

The most talented, powerful and stylish female rider on the planet right now, and not a bikini shot in sight, Karolina Winkowska, you go girl!…


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