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3 weeks ago

Rou Chater heads to the H20 Life Stye Resort in the Turks and Caicos and discovers an incredible expanse of warm turquoise water; it's so...

4 weeks ago

Rou Chater tests out CORE's Nexus 3 in Cape Town and shares his detailed review right here!

1 month ago

Rou Chater shares invaluable tips and insider knowledge on how to buy a wetsuit. Doesn't matter if you're new to the sport, a seasoned rider...

2 months ago

Listen to Rou Chater's in-depth review of ION's Seek Select 5/4mm Front Zip 2023 - click here for all the details.

3 months ago

We might've found kitesurfing nirvana! Rou Chater is in the Turks and Caicos at the unbelievable H2O Life Style Resort with unreal accommodations and a...

8 months ago

Click here to watch Rou Chater's review of Core's latest XR8 2024 from South Africa.

8 months ago

During the 2023 Kite & Wing Demo Weekender at The Beach., Littlehampton, Rou Chater speaks to Tom Beaton from Maxtracks Limited to find out more...

9 months ago

Once again, Littlehampton delivered - and this time, we got all four seasons. From blazing sunshine to torrential rain, it's safe to say that everyone...

1 year ago

Rou Chater spends some time on the incredible Windchaser 1 with the Kite Boat Cruises crew in the Bahamas. If you've ever wondered about spending...