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3 months ago | 03:47

Jonas Lengwiler, Ronny Bollhalder, Flurin Gallmann and Reto Brügger know a thing or two about snowkiting. With the season coming to an end, these guys…

4 months ago | 03:47

While some riders crave warm kiteboarding destinations, tropical beaches and flatwater... That's not the case for these guys! Jonas Lengwiler, Ronny Bollhalder, Flurin Gallmann and…

7 months ago | 02:13

Jonas Lengwiler, Marco Fey, Ronny Bollhalder never fail at showing off their home spot in the Swiss mountains! Watch this!

11 months ago | 03:16

These guys explore new spots and that's what we like! These are some of the highest and unknown lakes in the Swiss Alps and they look…

1 year ago | 02:59

Check this out! riders Jonas Lengwiler and Ronny Bollhalder have a whole lake to themselves for an epic hydrofoil session - so good!

1 year ago | 03:12

Oh yes!! This is such a good snowkite edit! Limitless fresh powder time after time, outstanding. Best of Snowkiteseason 2017/2018. Kiteboarding Brothers in Switzerland Riders:…

1 year ago | 01:19

Snowkiting on a knife edge, thousands of feet up! This edit is as picturesque as it gets, stunning scenes high in the mountains. 4 day’s…


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