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2 months ago

Check out this gighlights from the January #MIkiteadventure week on Beran Island with Reo Stevens Coaching!

11 months ago

Reo Stevens just took us on a tour of the stunning Marshall Islands - can't believe this place is real! Video by: Stu Gibson

2 years ago

A board leash when kitesurfing can add a very dangerous element to your session. So when do you know when to wear one? Reo Steven...

2 years ago

In his latest vlog, Reo Stevens offers some tips on how to keep a kite flying during a wipeout!

3 years ago

Thirty seconds of PURE Teahupoo Reo stoke!

3 years ago

Join Keahi de Aboitiz for a cruise in foil paradise! The feeling never gets old... - Keahi. Filmed by: Reo Stevens Coaching Music: Aim -...

4 years ago

149 clips in 2 min - Don't blink! Leftovers is a compilation of the clips from the past year of life that wasn't high enough...

4 years ago

Danny Barnette shares some of the best moments he's experienced over the past year in this compilation; enjoy!

4 years ago

Moona Whyte, Keahi de Aboitiz and Reo Stevens take us to the Marshall Islands on an action-packed session full of epic barrels, perfect waves and...