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6 years ago

The Slingshot Fuel is back and better than ever for 2018! Karolina Winkowska, Sam Light and Reed Brady show off this hot new kite. Take a…

6 years ago

The Foil Freaks conquer Baja! The folks at Slingshot want to see everyone learn to enjoy the foiling experience. Check out their Foil Academy for…

8 years ago

What better way to spend your Monday than with the Barneys In Paradise boys and their epic second film 'The Movie II'. Follow 10 riders in…

8 years ago

Would you fly a kite through this overgrown footpath? Reed Brady has a full on strapless kiting adventure looking for the best spots, there aren't…

9 years ago

Arguably the best 25 minutes of kite action you will see all week, the Barneys In Paradise crew deliver this feature length edit that is…

9 years ago

Looking forward to the full movie next month, this teaser shows it should be pretty amusing, with skilled kiting, and entertaining antics... Pre-release of Reed…

10 years ago

This is pretty awesome for a Monday! Reed and Josh Brady shredding the waters of Floras Creek. Oregon Coast Film Festival.