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5 months ago

Watch Dominican talent Posito Martinez's 2020 Red Bull King of the Air highlights, right here!

5 months ago

The Red Bull King Of The Air 2020 saw Angely Bouillot as the first woman to qualify for the event! Find out what happened on…

5 months ago

2020 saw the eighth edition of Red Bull King of the Air taking place once again in the iconic location of Cape Town, South Africa.…

5 months ago

Let the countdown begin!

6 months ago

During the CrazyFly 2020 shoot in Dahkla, Laci Kobulsky challenged Posito Martinez to do as many tricks that are possible only with straps and here…

7 months ago

Past champions, local favourites and new faces will all vie for the 2020 title in the most prestigious big air kiteboarding contest in the world.…

8 months ago

CrazyFly's newest addition to the Raptor board range was specifically designed and developed with Posito Martinez, making it his weapon of choice! Watch this!

8 months ago

Check out Cabarete charger, Posito Martinez's entry video for the 2020 Red Bull King Of The Air RIGHT HERE and let us know what you…

9 months ago

CrazyFly's 2020 line-up is impressive! Built on high-quality manufacturing; they are incredibly proud to be the first and only Kiteboarding brand producing all of our…