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2 months ago

Watch Liam Whaley's PART 1 episode of Road to Recovery. Liam Whaley shares his dedication as he navigates the challenges of a back injury and...

5 months ago

After finishing his initial video on Mykonos Island, Baptiste decided to head back to his homeland of Lefkada! Situated on the western coast of Greece,...

5 months ago

Episode #5 of Sky High is here, and it's a good one! The Duotone crew are back in South Africa for the annual King of...

11 months ago

Watch Rita Arnaus cruising along Colombia's stunning Caribbean coastline in a Porsche Macan S - Not a bad ride for a kiteboarding road trip!

1 year ago

With closed eyes, the feeling of adrenaline-pumping drifts courses through your veins, even once the drive is over. Join Patrick Dempsey and Rita Arnaus as...

1 year ago

In the wake of no wind forecast for Cape Town for the following few days, Liam Whaley and the crew decided to head east 300km...

1 year ago

Dive into the world of Liam Whaley in this 2022 highlight reel compilation! Filmed & edited by: Sebastian Porral

1 year ago

Your fitness level greatly impacts your performance and progression in kitesurfing. Plus, kiteboarding can also be very demanding on our bodies. Improving your fitness not...

1 year ago

Liam Whaley shares the highs and lows of his 2022 Red Bull King of the Air experience. A film by Sebastian Porral