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1 week ago

Get ready to be inspired for the next 45 min by the incredible story of Ruben Lenten! Known for his extreme moves on the water...

2 months ago

Another interesting podcast just dropped! Rou Chater sits down in Cape Town with the CEO of one of the biggest watersports brands, CORE. It’s an...

3 months ago

In this video feature, Liam Whaley shares answers to 20 questions buzzing around social media. Go anymore? Comment below!

7 months ago

Rou Chater has wanted to get Hannah Whiteley on the podcast for a while now, so this was a great opportunity to catch up! He’s...

7 months ago

Join Liam Whaley as he kicks off the first episode of the World Of Whaley Podcast, where he sits down Aaron Hadlow! Boasting five world...

1 year ago

It's #ThrowbackThursday, and this week, we're going back to when Nick Jacobsen got on a call with Graham Howes during Covid Lockdown and discussed his...

1 year ago

Rou Chater sits down with Scott Harrison, ex-US Special Forces, brewery founder and kiteboarder, to talk about his military journey and how it led to...

1 year ago

The Generic Foiling Podcast Episode 15 Hanging out with Jake Kelsick is LIVE! Jake Kelsick is a professional kiteboarder, a long-term professional in the watersports...

2 years ago

Ralf Grösel has been at the forefront of paraglider and kite design for the last 26 years; he's also helped set up and worked in...