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1 month ago | 1:3

The Soundwave Project™ is a collaborative art and music initiative to promote ocean awareness and participation in maintaining a healthy marine environment. As part of…

3 months ago | 3:29

The conditions weren't the easiest - but these guys killed it! Just in case you missed the action yesterday, we've got you covered. The GKA…

3 months ago | 44:48

Another gem we dug up! If you haven't watched 'Over the Water' before, grab a seat as Aaron Hadlow, Pete Cabrinha, Robby Naish, Kevin Langaree…

3 months ago | 1:15

Cabrinha's AV8 collection is out NOW! The AV8 collection is a precision crafted kite and hydrofoil board made from the highest quality materials. Each component…

5 months ago | 11:34

Stop what you are doing and check this out! Keahi De Aboitiz just snagged what he describes as 'the best barrel ever kitesurfed' as Cyclone…

6 months ago

Cabrinha is pleased to announce the continuation of the Cabrinha Quest, the acclaimed seafaring expedition which has taken its members to the most remote and…

6 months ago

Over the last twenty years, Cabrinha has carefully crafted our kite range to serve every facet of the sport. Our success is achieved by implementing…

7 months ago | 2:14

The Cabrinha Ohana (family) would like to wish all of you the very best this holiday season. We’d like to thank you for letting us…

7 months ago | 19:56

A Cabrinha video throwback! Sit back and enjoy 20 minutes of one of the best kitesurfing action! In this 20-minute feature film, three of the biggest…


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