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1 day ago

Sunset sessions with Petar Pavlovic!

4 weeks ago

When Petar Pavlovic posts a video titled 'The Most EXTREME Vlog of Mine!', you know it'll be worth watching! It has been over a year…

1 month ago

Keep your chicken loop in check! Learn why it might be popping out without the quick release in Petar Pavlovic's latest vlog! #shorts

2 months ago

Petar Pavlovic shares a session from his homespot in LiĹžnjan, Croatia - with an exciting upcoming forecast, is there record on the horizon for Petar?…

2 months ago

Petar Pavlovic is back in this vlog he talks us through what it takes to qualify as an 'independent kitesurfer'.

3 months ago

Watch Petar Pavlovic's latest vlog as he embraces the marginal winds of Las Terrenas!

3 months ago

Petar Pavlovic's latest vlog is out and this episode is all about Self Rescues - Click here to find out his top tips.

5 months ago

Every kitesurf spot is unique, and each time you visit a new spot, you may experience new challenges or different rules. In Petar Pavlovic's latest…

5 months ago

In his latest vlog, Petar Pavlovic guides us through the process of preparing and learning a new kitesurfing trick. We all know the struggles; we've…