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5 days ago

Petar Pavlovic shares some helpful tips on finding those pesky holes in your kite and fixing them like a pro - So, if you're ready…

4 weeks ago

Attention! In Petar Pavlovic's latest vlog, he talks us through the reasons behind those pesky pinholes on your kite canopy, and how to patch them…

1 month ago

Petar Pavlovic has been travelling for years, searching for the perfect spot to call home; his journey has now come to an end - find…

2 months ago

Petar Pavlovic presents an insightful Meteorology lesson for kitesurfers; by understanding the different types of clouds, you can stay one step ahead of the weather…

2 months ago

Petar Pavlovic is back with some in-depth information on wind! This lesson on wind is something you might learn if you were to do an…

2 months ago

Petar Pavlovic shares his tips on how to safely assist a kiteboarder that might need some help.

3 months ago

After a while, it's normal for the bar lines to shrink or stretch, so it's important to know how to change the length of your…

3 months ago

He's back!! Your kite session can go wrong very quickly if you haven't checked your kite line lengths or haven't used your gear in a…