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1 year ago

Tucking into some barrels at Supertubos on the new Prolimit Vapor harness!

2 years ago

Is Nuno the mayor of Nazaré? He's been dominating this epic swell, but we're glad to see that this massive wipeout didn't take him out…

3 years ago

We're taking you back to the day Eleveight rider, Nuno Stru Figueiredo smashed the Guinness Book Record and kitesurfed the biggest wave ever ridden. Nuno…

5 years ago

Nuno Stru Figueiredo gets shacked out of his mind in this edit, Portugal is delivering the goods and you need to check it out. Arguably…

6 years ago

OH. MY. DAYS. My heart was actually in my mouth watching this, Nuno STRU Figueiredo is a big wave hunter from Portugal, Nazaré is on…

7 years ago

Join Nuno Stru as he heads out for another amazing session in the waves that have been gracing Portugal lately, that place has just been…

8 years ago

When the Best Team dropped this edit it didn’t just showcase the amazing variety of conditions their riders enjoy in Portugal. It showed us just…

8 years ago

Check out Nuno Stru Figueiredo ripping and shredding in this edit celebrating his third win at the Portuguese Nationals this year. Nuno has a certain style…

8 years ago

Nuno Stru Figueiredo has a quick bit of homework for you all this weekend, Back Roll Strapless on a wave, we want you all to…