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4 weeks ago

Meet the one and only revolutionary Nobile High-Performance Splitboard! Nobile Kiteboarding introduced this split twin-tip solution for all travellers. Nobile came up with a solution...

3 months ago

Weekend plans sorted!

4 months ago

Nobile Kiteboarding's 'Inspired by Ocean' collection brings a wave of innovation and sustainable production. Nobile Kiteboarding's new models feature redesigned shapes, new freeride kites, and...

5 months ago

Experience the Ocean's Call: Nobile Inspired by Ocean Collection - TRAILER OUT NOW! Step into mystery and thrill as Nobile Kiteboarding presents a sneak peek...

10 months ago

Nobile Kiteboarding's Summer Catcher Photo Contest is now live! Join the community to show off your photos of summertime preparations and get a special promo...

1 year ago

Check out Nobile Kiteboarding's latest production, Janek, chasing around our Baltic coast. The One suits Janek's kite expectations. It performs well in light wind for...

1 year ago

Step inside Nobile Kiteboarding's factory and witness the artistry behind their handcrafted boards! With a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellence, our...

1 year ago

Nobile Kiteboarding's 'The One' Orange edition has arrived! During their 2023 photoshoot at Red Sea Zone, Egypt, they scored the perfect wind conditions to make...

2 years ago

Premiering for the first time - Enter the NOBILE Factory World- Making off Holi 2023 Collection Proud to share the 2023 NHP Carbon Split-making of...