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10 months ago

Welcome to Nobile Kiteboarding Hydrofoil Academy! Coach Tomasz Janiak is putting together a series of training videos with insight to help you progress.

12 months ago

A day in the life of Nobile team rider, Maxi Gomez!

1 year ago

Kasia and Kuba share their colourful story - the Nobile Video Project; a trilogy of film episodes from travels around the world to epic kiteboarding,…

2 years ago

Sometimes history happens, sometimes you have to go out there and make history happen yourself. That’s what went down today in front of the Mystic…

2 years ago

In search of a travel-friendly board with uncompromising performance? Watch Maxi Gomez's Split Story, right here! Rectangular channels on the tips guarantee super upwind performance…

2 years ago

Maxi Gomez is a king at his home spot in Tarifa, and this is why! Watch this...

2 years ago

Dariusz Garko tests his 2019 Nobile splitboard for a day out in NYC and a session by the Statue of Liberty - Simple, light and…

3 years ago

This is the board that proves its worth on low-wind days! While creating it, Nobile Kiteboarding had one goal in our minds: it must possess…

3 years ago

Meet young and talented Polish Champion 2018 and prosper Olympian Kuba Jurkowski!