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2 months ago

It's been a while since The Netherlands has been hit by a storm - watch this #throwback video by The Stoke Farm reminiscing on the…

3 years ago

18-years-old, Dutch shredder Evan Klijn is extraordinarily motivated and getting a spot in Red Bull's King of the Air has always been a dream of…

3 years ago

Reliving the gnarliest megaloops! Check out what went down during the Red Bull Megaloop event in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. Congrats to all the riders, you…

3 years ago

Kevin Langeree just dropped KEVVLOG³ #6 - In this episode, The King of the Air is back on the North Sea in Holland enjoying some stormy…

4 years ago

It's #thowbackthursday and this video deserves a resurrection! Watch the highlights from the Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge 2015 - with some of the craziest…

4 years ago

Check out KEVVLOG #222 from Noordwijk! Kevin Langaree's demonstrates how to make bad waves fun!

4 years ago

Check out KEVVLOG #226! Lasse and Kev session testing their new toy in Noordwijk; these guys are mad!

5 years ago

Find out all about Annabel van Western and how she uses Yoga to improve her kiteboarding! An as to who I am and how I…

5 years ago

Ruben's LEN10 episodes are back!! Follow Ruben as he beats cancer, gets back to doing what he loves and does a BIG road gap on…