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1 month ago

15 years later, the F-ONE design crew have once again put an astounding amount of work to create the best kiting experience for all riders…

6 months ago

Our feelings got stronger; our playground got bigger. For all the wingsurfing and foiling addicts out there, Just like all F-ONE movies, you're going to…

8 months ago

The annual movie from F-ONE is always one we look forward to, this year the team had to look closer to home for a location.…

10 months ago

The F-ONE Team head to Corsica to shoot the new gear, with worldwide travel up in the air the decision was made to stay closer…

10 months ago

THIS SUNDAY - The F-ONE crew are releasing the FULL MOVIE - LIBECCIO. Watch the crew, including Liam Whaley, Maxime Chabloz, Marcela Witt, Mika Fernandez,…

11 months ago

When winter Mediterranean storms hit, the F-ONE crew is always up for a session! Watch Titouan Galéa, Julien Salles, Raphaël Salles, Tom Constant and Mickaël…

1 year ago

Once again, F-ONE's legendary BANDIT returns for its 14th edition, featuring improvements that offer the best riding experience - no matter the conditions!

1 year ago

The TRAX is all about having fun on the water. This board is based on the legendary TRAX heritage and implements some of the latest…

1 year ago

Have you checked out F-ONE's 2021 kite and board collection? We've got the whole line-up, right here! _ Riders - Liam Whaley, Maxime Chabloz, Mitu…