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4 months ago

Have you seen Michaela Pilkenton's 2023 Cold Hawaii entry video yet?!

5 months ago

GO BIG, NAISH STYLE! Starring Michaela Pilkenton, Jinne Boer, Stig Hoefnagel, Timo Boersema - Get ready for extreme kiteboarding action in Robby Naish Pro Kiter…

5 months ago

Follow some of the Naish kiteboarding team, including, Michaela Pilkenton, Stig Hoefnagel, Jinne Boer, and Julian Meijvogel as they take on the big air sessions…

6 months ago

Watch Michaela Pilkenton's BAKL video entry and let us know if you think she deserves a spot!

6 months ago

Ready for this?! Naish Big Air rider Michaela Pilkenton is hosting her Catching Air Camp in July at Floras Lake in Oregon, USA. This camp…

8 months ago

Go beyond the fac╠žade of Instagram and dive into Naish Kiteboarding's Michaela Pilkenton's candid thoughts about being a woman in kiteboarding. Pour yourself a cup…

8 months ago

Epic views. Thrilling action. There's a reason that South Africa is the home of big air. Take a look at Naish Kiteboarding team riders Stig…

10 months ago

Welcome to summertime in Florence! Naish Kiteboarding's Michaela Pilkenton takes on the Oregon Coast; with gusty winds, massive sends, strong crashes, and some shenanigans.

10 months ago

What a vibe! Michaela Pilkenton scored some Cape Town goods on her final day!