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4 months ago

Do you ever want to swap kites with your friend? Maybe you want to ride a different size or try out their kite - Mike...

4 months ago

Have you ever tried to launch someone's kite, and then the kite starts to push you? It's not fun. Considering how easily it can be...

4 months ago

In his latest vlog, 'Get High with Mike' walks us through how to launch your friend's kite while flying your own—stay safe out there!

5 months ago

How to fly your kite without a harness with 'Get High with Mike'

5 months ago

Get ready for a kite session that comes with a price tag of a whopping $9,000 and Mike Mac Donald shares the latest BAKL updates.

6 months ago

'Get High with Mike' talks us through the only 2 methods that he would consider safe when self-launching and self-landing your kite in strong wind.

7 months ago

Short line action with 'Get High with Mike'!

7 months ago

Follow the journey of one of big air's greatest innovators, Janek Grzegorzewski, as he battles what could be a career-ending injury.