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3 weeks ago

Watch Maxy Landriscina fly his Flysurfer peak 5 8m from The Pyramid, a spot at the col du Lautaret!

1 month ago

The French Hautes-Alpes give us winter vibes as Maxy Landriscina rides his Flysurfer peak 580m around the Col du Lautaret.

2 months ago

Maxy Landriscina giving us the best winter vibes as he takes us for a cruise around Charmant Som in the Chartreuse Mountains on his Flysurfer…

9 months ago

Maxy Landriscina scored this dreamy, solo session in Vias on his 8m Airwave Koala! Anyone else feeling slightly jealous right now?!

11 months ago

Join Airwaves Maxy Landriscina in his latest edit as he starts his day off at Autrans la Molière and ends his day at Marseille beach!

1 year ago

Maxy Landriscina shares some weekend stoke and takes us on a snowkite tour around Col du Lautaret on his Airwave Koala. Happy Saturday!

1 year ago

Maxy Landriscina enjoying a snowy morning in Autrans on his 8m Airwave Koala! What a spot!