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1 month ago

12-year-old Mad Max Tullet just dropped his latest edit recapping 2021, so far - you better keep an eye out for this kid! Everything was…

2 months ago

Check out 12-year-old Mad Max's Cold Hawaii 2021 entry video, and let us know if you think he deserves a spot!

3 months ago

Join 12-year-old UK grom and WOO ambassador Mad Max during a 50-knot storm Evert! Kitesurfing UK storm with gusts over 50 knots I used my…

4 months ago

Sam Light heads for a session in Hayling Island with some of the UK's favourite kite groms; 11-year-old mad Max Tullet and the 13-year-old kite…

5 months ago

This kid is mad, and we love him for it! Mad Max Tullet just dropped his latest vlog from Hailing Islands, where he met up…

7 months ago

Max Tullet just released his 5th vlog, and in this one, he loops on short lines - this kid is mad!

7 months ago

Is this kid crazy or what?! Mad Max Tullett looping a 5m Dice with gusts up to 50 knots. Check out his latest vlog from…

7 months ago

Mad Max is at it again... Not only is he a better kiter than most of us at 11 years old, he probably does better…

8 months ago

Hey Max, can you keep an eye on your sister for a bit? This is what happens when you let Mad Max babysit! Check out…