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7 months ago | 16:2

This edit has to be reawoken! A couple of years ago, Keahi de Aboitiz, Moona Whyte and Matt Elsasser ventured to Indonesia. A place blessed with…

1 year ago | 1:52

Matt Elsasser shares some bombs and stoke with Pete Cabrinha on the island of Maui. What an edit! Film Material: Anders Krüger

2 years ago | 16:2

Arguably one of the best wave videos to hit our screens this year, Matt Elsasser, Moona Whyte and Matt Elsasser clock up some serious smashes…

2 years ago | 16:2

Keahi De Aboitiz, Moona Whyte and Matt Elsasser take on the unpredictable winds in Indonesia and tear it up on their kite boards. This 16…

3 years ago | 16:2

When nothing on a trip goes right… surf a left. Make sure you watch this stunning 16 minute film from Cabrinha. Indonesia is blessed with…

3 years ago | 4:50

Filmed over the summer in the Columbia Hood River Gorge the Cabrinha crew set about showcasing everything this place has to offer and demonstrating why…

3 years ago | 5:43

Reo Stevens takes another look at how similar kitesurfing and surfing are, if this edit doesn’t convince you that are sports are perfectly aligned then…

3 years ago | 5:43

Worth the wait! Surfers, take note. Patagonia ambassador Reo Stevens gives us another look at how kitesurfing is an extension of surfing and not a…

3 years ago | 2:7

Glue, very strong super glue, that's how they do it surely... You just won't believe the level of skill at GKA Strapless Freestyle in Mauritius! It…


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