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3 weeks ago

Join South Africa’s two best kiteboarders, Jason van der Spuy and Luca Ceruti, on a road trip to the four best kite locations around Cape...

1 month ago

Watch Luca Ceruti's 2024 Red Bull Megaloop Challenge entry video right here!

2 months ago

Join Luca Ceruti for his latest edit 'Floaty Days Down South' as he takes us on an adventure with the FLYSURFER's Sonic V4 Foil Kite...

3 months ago

Big news in the big air scene: Luca Ceruti joins FLYSURFER kiteboarding, kicking off his new era! Check out the action and learn about this...

4 months ago

Check out MY ERA by Luca Ceruti - a short film he has collaborated closely on with Dylan Osborne over the past few months. The...

4 months ago

Dive into the thrilling world of Big Air Kitesurfing with the highly anticipated Fight For Flight docuseries! Check out the first episode, and don’t forget...

4 months ago

Hold on, you're in for a wild ride - Fight for Flight S1 E1  is here - Welcome to the world of Big Air Kitesurfing...

4 months ago

Join Jason van der Spuy for the next 8 minutes as he shares his incredible experience at the 2023 Red Bull King of the Air!

5 months ago

The dust has settled, and the Cape Doctor has gone back to rest. Day 1 of the 2023 Red Bull King of the Air is...