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2 months ago

Don't miss the Day 3 highlights from the Lords of Tram GKA Big Air Kite World Cup in France!

2 months ago

The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour season opener in the Big Air discipline in France began with a bang when the Tramontana winds reached...

3 months ago

Mark your calendars - The Qatar Airways GKA Awards will be hosted in the renowned Mother City, Cape Town, on the 10th of January 2025!...

5 months ago

The Duotone UK crew including Tom Court, Sam Bull and Liam Dredge head to the Battle for the Lake competition and Demo event on the...

7 months ago

Watch the Day 2 highlights from the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Brazil 2023! Subscribe to the GKA for more action!

7 months ago

Watch the highlights from Day One of the Kite-Surf discipline, which takes place in Cauipe, Brazil. Subscribe to the GKA for more action!

7 months ago

Watch the full event highlights of the Copa Kitley GKA Hydrofoil-Freestyle Kite World Championship in Cauipe, Brazil right here! Click here to read the full...

8 months ago

Ready for a battle of pure magic?! Join Tom Court and Liam Dredge on their adventure to Achill Island for some wild kitesurfing and rugged...

1 year ago

Stream Day 4 Finals here -The first event of the season at a brand new kiteboarding hotspot, Fuwairit Kite Beach in Qatar! Watch the finals...