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3 months ago

Another landboarding video popping up this week?! Must be getting colder in the Northern hemisphere... Lewis Wilby squeezes in a session after work landing some…

4 months ago

Lewis Wilby drags his new kicker down the beach for a session on the 18m Flysurfer Soul - watch this!

7 months ago

A quick edit of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Lewis Wilby at Brancaster on the Flysurfer SOUL kite and RUSH kiteboard.

7 months ago

Lewis Wilby shares a session from Brancaster on his Flysurfer Soul.

2 years ago

Pulling tricks over the water is one thing, but pulling moves like this over unforgiving solid ground is another thing entirely! We take our hat…

4 years ago

European Kite Land Boarding Freestyle Champion and Flysurfer Kiteboarding rider Lewis Wilby just finished a new edit with videographer Ash Garwood. Lewis throwing in his…

5 years ago

We still find it somewhat insane that these tricks are even possible above solid ground! Check out this awesome video of Flysurfer Kiteboarding rider Lewis…

5 years ago

Lewis Wilby & Laurent Guyot battle it out with some crazy unhooked landboarding tricks at the KLB Open 2015. Riding in light winds on the…

5 years ago

It often amazes us how high kite land boarders go when the ground beneath them is so hard! Watch these talented British landboarders pull kite…