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10 months ago

Lolo BSD's favourite playground in Serre Chevalier Valley, French Alps!

12 months ago

Spotted in Serre Chevalier Valley!

12 months ago

This one got our hearts racing - Laurent Guyot and Lionel Bonnaf survived a brutal avalanche in the French Alps on the 20th of January…

1 year ago

It's that time of year again and Laurent Guyot is back at his favourite playground! Looking forward to seeing his videos this season!

1 year ago

Ouch... Crashing in water hurts; imagine crashing on snow! Last season, Lolo BSD filmed this snowkite crash in the French Alps (Lautaret Pass).

1 year ago

Would you do this?! Watch Lolo BSD soar over the snow in this clip!

1 year ago

Lolo BCD is an adrenaline junkie who knows how to keep his riding exciting, and in this edit, he's wing landboarding in Berck-sur-Mer! Drone pilot:…

1 year ago

No one does it quite like Lolo! This video is pure action, with 37 snowkite tricks packed into a 5-minute edit. It's clear to see…

2 years ago

Check out this compilation of Flysurfer's Lolo BSD's best snowkite sessions from last season in Serre Chevalier Valley (and surrounding areas)!