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2 years ago

Join Lolo BSD as he explores and kitesurfs the beautiful island of Corsica! It's one of the places that still has great conditions later in…

3 years ago

This edit goes to show that the Cabrinha Fireball works well so unhooked tricks! Have you tried it yet? Freezing, Freaking, Fireball test session! 3…

5 years ago

Strapless or booted. It's awesome to get back on the water after an injury, so we know how Bertrand feels. He's keen to ride and…

5 years ago

If Brazil is on your holiday destination list you simply have to check this video out! Superb riding, perfect weather, amazing conditions and solid winds…

5 years ago

How do you describe the indescribable? We could say we were blown away by the drag racing, struck dumb by the facial hair extravaganza or…

5 years ago

Half Bee-Gee, half AC/DC, all retro. There's nothing for sale in this video, no kite technology, no board design features, no funky control bar or…

5 years ago

French Best team rider  Yves Tonton Delaunay and Marie Trévillot share a session that's full of flat water and eastern promise as they follow the…

5 years ago

Sneakers on! These boys showcase some impressive skills riding a wakeskate...and the crashes that come with learning them... The kiteskate lab present to you the…

6 years ago

  Tonton Yves heads to Brasil! Gets up, has a good breakfast, a short session, eats again, rides again, and enjoys the evening... Just another…


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