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1 month ago | 2:33

It’s time to 'Redefine Your Limits' – The new Duotone Academy App will take you to that next level! With over 150 kiteboarding videos featuring…

3 months ago | 2:2

Check out the latest addition to the Duotone product line - The Duotone 'Free' is the perfect board for entry-level riders, looking for an easy…

4 months ago | 3:6

Smooth carving and easy manoeuvrability, Duotone introduces the Spirit Carve to their 2019 Spirit foil range. The new 950 Spirit Carve wing was developed for…

10 months ago | 1:10

This cracked us up! Even Jeremie Tronet is getting involved in the Halloween spirit - Show us what YOU did!  

3 years ago | 1:12

The kite switch from a catamaran! This is a very clever idea that in the right conditions is safe to do. Pure style from Jeremie…

6 years ago | 11:44

Jeremie Tronet was a bit of a media mogul a couple of years ago, barely a week passed without a new photoshoot or movie coming…


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