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4 months ago

Joss de Pyffer livinJoss de Pyffer living it up in Mauritius!

2 years ago

HAPPY SATURDAY! Cape Town hasn't been playing along very nicely this season; it's not its usual self with daily South Easter winds... So when the...

2 years ago

More sessions from Tatajuba - and this time we've got Joss de Pfyffer. Enjoy!

2 years ago

Join Joss De Pfyffer as he cruises around the Mangroves in Macapa, taking in some incredible views during a sunset session.

2 years ago

With winds gusting 60 knots and 4m waves,  the 2021 Cold Hawaii Games was one to remember! Check out World Of Whaley² - Episode 3,...

2 years ago

Liam Whaley just dropped episode 2 of World Of Whaley², and in this one, he takes us to to the Canary Islands for the Gran...

3 years ago

Ready for six minutes of absolute FOMO? Watch this video from Pablo Amores if you are looking for a visual buffet of desert delights! In...