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10 months ago

What a ride, AND flight down! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler in their latest edit from Cufercalhütte. One of the best days of the…

11 months ago

These guys live for snowkite season! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler as they head to Cufercalhütte, Switzerland, for a snowkite session and a long…

2 years ago

One of the most stunning kitesurfing edits you will ever see, if you have ever wondered what kitesurfing on a mirror high in the mountains…

2 years ago

Jonas Lengwiler; Ronny Bollhalder, Dominik Zimmermann getting us amped for snowkite season - check out this edit from a 3000m mountain in Switzerland!

2 years ago

Jonas Lengwiler, Marco Fey, Ronny Bolhalder, Matthias Schreiber and Bebie never fail to get us stoked for winter snowkite season!

3 years ago

#KitersInIsolation - Winners of our 2019 Movie Award - The crew live for snowkiting, and every winter, they give us a glimpse of their…

3 years ago

Felix, Jonas and Ronny ditch their Swiss homespot and head out for a new adventure and into the wild mountains of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia -…

3 years ago

Last week Felix, Ronny and Jonas took a trip to Kosovo with the goal in mind; Snowkiting in the wild mountains of Kosovo. FULL MOVIE…

3 years ago

Enjoy the ride!