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5 months ago

What a ride, AND flight down! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler in their latest edit from Cufercalhütte. One of the best days of the…

5 months ago

These guys live for snowkite season! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler as they head to Cufercalhütte, Switzerland, for a snowkite session and a long…

1 year ago

One of the most stunning kitesurfing edits you will ever see, if you have ever wondered what kitesurfing on a mirror high in the mountains…

2 years ago

Jonas Lengwiler; Ronny Bollhalder, Dominik Zimmermann getting us amped for snowkite season - check out this edit from a 3000m mountain in Switzerland!

2 years ago

Jonas Lengwiler, Marco Fey, Ronny Bolhalder, Matthias Schreiber and Bebie never fail to get us stoked for winter snowkite season!

2 years ago

#KitersInIsolation - Winners of our 2019 Movie Award - The crew live for snowkiting, and every winter, they give us a glimpse of their…

2 years ago

Felix, Jonas and Ronny ditch their Swiss homespot and head out for a new adventure and into the wild mountains of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia -…

2 years ago

Last week Felix, Ronny and Jonas took a trip to Kosovo with the goal in mind; Snowkiting in the wild mountains of Kosovo. FULL MOVIE…

2 years ago

Enjoy the ride!