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10 months ago

Damien Leroy and Jon Modica talk us through the easiest and safest way to tow behind a kite!

1 year ago

Light wind, foil friendly, and all new for 2021, Damien Leroy and Jon Modica tell you everything you wanted to know about the new single…

1 year ago

The all-new Cabrinha 01 COLLECTION has arrived and it's ready and raring to get you on the water this year. With a complete new range…

1 year ago

Kiteboarding or winging? Why did some kiters get so into the wing trend, and when do they choose to go winging instead of kiting? In…

2 years ago

Sometimes you just want to stay in the air forever! Nothing like flying around on my 14m Cabrinha AV8 - Evan Netsch Tow man: Harry…