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2 years ago

Up for something new, or struggling to land those Inverted Frontrolls - Watch Jeremie Tronet demonstrate in this Duotone Academy tutorial.

2 years ago

Only IF you're confident in your kiteloops and want to step things up a notch, here's a challenge for you this weekend!

3 years ago

Up for trying something new today?  Jeremie Tronet knows a thing or two when it comes to hooked-in stylish tricks, and now he's sharing those…

3 years ago

Jeremie Tronet and the Duotone Academy filming crew, Aaron Hadlow, Airton Cozzolino and Jerome Bonieux have been working on this project for the past year, filming…

3 years ago

Jeremie Tronet (Founder of JT Pro Center on Union island in the Grenadines shares some good insight on Duotone's kite range; whether you like to…

3 years ago

It’s time to 'Redefine Your Limits' – The new Duotone Academy App will take you to that next level! With over 150 kiteboarding videos featuring…

3 years ago

Check out the latest addition to the Duotone product line - The Duotone 'Free' is the perfect board for entry-level riders, looking for an easy…

3 years ago

The only constant thing in life is change. The time, the conditions, everything is in motion. Only the destination stays the same; like our ambition…

4 years ago

Does Jeremy Tronet realize that a video series about his idyllic lifestyle might make Union Island a whole lot more crowded? Don't miss this trailer,…