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7 months ago

Here's a good one to tick off your trick list!

8 months ago

Jeremie Tronet talks us through the main differences between the Duotone Mono and Juice, and which kite is best for those light wind days!

11 months ago

Check out Jeremie Tronet's latest episode of 'Couch Coaching' and let us know what you'd like to learn next. For this new episode, he covers…

11 months ago

Duotone's 2020 Juice - The ultimate weapon against those no wind days, the Juice is now even lighter and more powerful than ever before! Check…

11 months ago

In this episode of #teamtalk, Tom Court talks you through the new Duotone¬† Kiteboarding Academy App and the features that it has to help you…

12 months ago

Duotone's 2020 Mono is OUT! New for this year is the use of lightweight 140g Dacron material, alongside a double ripstop canopy material and redesigned…

12 months ago

In this #TeamTalk video, we take a closer look at the Duotone Academy APP and its usability and how this APP can be a handy…

1 year ago

We have to admit; we're feeling a little jealous right now! Join Jeremie Tronet, Jerome Bonieux and Jean-Guillaume Rivaud on this incredible trip in turquoise…

1 year ago

Santa caught sneaking in session on route at JT Pro Center on Union island in the Grenadines! Merry Christmas, everywhere!