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1 month ago

The DUOTONE Academy App: A unique tool to improve your kiteboarding skills in no time! What it’s all about? More than 200 tricks and fitness…

1 month ago

#WeekendStoke - Check out this compilation edit by 'Kitesurfing Official 'of the best tricks, jumps, and starts and tag your favourite rider!

5 months ago

Continuing on the topic of investing in your progression, we are blown away by the amount of incredible resources available online for free to kiters…

8 months ago

Jeremie Tronet's signature move!

9 months ago

In this episode of 'Kitesurf in Paradise', Reno Romeu teams up with Olivia Jenkins, Jeremie Tronet and Stefan Spiessberger and head to Tobago Cays, an…

9 months ago

More gorgeous footage from the Caribbeans! In this episode, Jeremie Tronet and Reno Romeu venture to Palm Island and Mayreau (A wave spot about a…

10 months ago

Travelling amidst a pandemic is challenging, but when the hoops you jump through lead you to a place like Union Island, it makes it worth…

1 year ago

Here's a good one to tick off your trick list!

2 years ago

Jeremie Tronet talks us through the main differences between the Duotone Mono and Juice, and which kite is best for those light wind days!