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9 years ago

This is up there with the best Brazil kite edits. It features incredible lighting, epic slow motion shots and of course Jason Blanchard absolutely ripping!...

9 years ago

Wouldn't it be great if summers were endless? Check out Jason Blanchard's summer edit as he travels the US & Canada. Looks like he had...

9 years ago

Spare a 'frozen moment' to watch Jason Blanchard in action in Quebec, Canada. This short edit features some awesome riding from the snowkiter pulling daring unhooked...

9 years ago

Do you fancy two minutes in paradise? If so then check this out and jump on board with Jason Blanchard as he starts his year...

10 years ago

Sometimes short and sweet works well, Jason Blanchard crams a weeks worth of action into 40 seconds during his recent trip to Cuba, somewhere that...