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7 months ago

Jake Kelsick came close to having to swim home on this one!

1 year ago

Jake Kelsick - Boots, Butter & No Fins!

1 year ago

Jake Kelsicks talks us through his North wingfoil set up - check it out!

1 year ago

The Generic Foiling Podcast Episode 15 Hanging out with Jake Kelsick is LIVE! Jake Kelsick is a professional kiteboarder, a long-term professional in the watersports...

1 year ago

Jake Kelsick shares 4 tips you can do to learn how to kitesurf fast!

2 years ago

Jake Kelsick share his #1 cheat code to learning how to hydrofoil - Learning to hydrofoil behind a boat or jetski will help crack the...

2 years ago

North Kiteboarding's Code Zero might be your dream kite for your lightwind sessions! Watch this.

2 years ago

In this week's vlog, Jake Kelsick shares four things you need to know about wing foiling!

2 years ago

Kitesurfing VS Wing Foiling? In this video, Jake Kelsick explains why you might want to try one over the other or maybe even both!