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3 months ago

North Kiteboarding's Code Zero might be your dream kite for your lightwind sessions! Watch this.

5 months ago

In this week's vlog, Jake Kelsick shares four things you need to know about wing foiling!

5 months ago

Kitesurfing VS Wing Foiling? In this video, Jake Kelsick explains why you might want to try one over the other or maybe even both!

6 months ago

Jake Kelsick gives us the load down of what to expect during your first kiteboarding lesson!

6 months ago

Jake Kelsick outlines the five reasons that people become obsessed with kiteboarding! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

6 months ago

Join Jake Kelsick and Megan Grant for a Friday shred in paradise!

7 months ago

Jake Kelsick shares his top tips for kitesurfing in light wind in his latest mini vlog!

10 months ago

Wondering what Jake Kelsick's sessions look like in Antigua? Kiteboarding, kite foiling and wing foiling... all in one day!

11 months ago

Jake Kelsick‚Äč gives us a breakdown of his North Kiteboarding kite and wing foiling set up for this season from the turquoise waters in Antigua!