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2 weeks ago

Looking to light up your kite session with a bit of style? Jake Kelsick is here to help with this how-to video for 4 fun…

1 month ago

Have you ever found yourself stuck alone on the sidelines, watching your friends out on the water with nobody to help launch your kite? Here's…

2 months ago

It's hard to find water bluer than this! Jake and Megan take a break from their island paradise of Antigua to go for a session…

2 months ago

With any sort of travel being a challenge these days, some of the travel-starved among us have resorted to Google Streetview to explore. Jake Kelsick's…

2 months ago

If you're learning to kite in a spot with fairly strong winds, you'll be wanting to start boosting ASAP! Jake Kelsick is here with the…

3 months ago

While most of us would be doing our darndest to stay ON the 47 metre super yacht, Jake Kelsick goes against the grain and jumps…

5 months ago

There's living the dream, and then there's finding your perfect match to share that dream with! Antigua based Jake and Megan are here with their…

5 months ago

North Kiteboarding welcomes Jake Kelsick and Megan Grant to the team!

1 year ago

Welcome to episode two of Tea Time with Sam Light! This time, he catches up with his good friend from Antigua, Jake Kelsick, sharing his…