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4 years ago

Some cool aerial shots in this Irish edit, take a look. We were surprised not to here Ed Sheeran on the soundtrack though!

4 years ago

The Chase continues as Ruben and his crew chase the force 10 storm to the Netherlands and all the way to Dublin, Ireland. This is…

5 years ago

Oh WOW! We guarantee you'll all want to kite the west coast of Ireland after seeing this edit! Watch Francois Colussi fall deeper in love with…

5 years ago

These are some of the best edits out there. Ryan Coote shredding untouched waves in Ireland, the cinematography is exceptional, we were glued to this…

5 years ago

DO NOT miss this! Ryan Coote shredding exceptional waves in Kerry, Ireland. This is beautifully filmed, one of those truly inspirational kitesurf edits. This autumn…

5 years ago

After winning a battle with cancer, the megaloop king goes storm chasing in the North Atlantic. You can now watch Ruben's epic video 'Code Red'…

5 years ago

OH MY WORD! This huge jump gets ridiculous when Sean Murphy pretty much just stays in the air! We counted 13 whole seconds of hangtime,…

5 years ago

Ryan Coote gets treated to kite surfing one of Ireland's holy grails of surfing locations. Crab Island is one of the best right-handers in Ireland.…

6 years ago

Ireland has cold extreme conditions in the winter with big waves and strong winds. Watch as Alan Kavanagh makes the most it in this dramatic edit! A great…